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Report of the Justice N. Santosh Hegde headed Commission appointed by the Supreme Court of India

CSCHR member Extrajudicial Execution Victims Families Association Manipur (EEVFAM) filed a Writ Petition in December 2012 – WP (Crl) No. 129 of 2012 – before the Supreme Court of India (SC). The SC appointed a special 3-member Commission headed by Justice N. Santosh Hegde, a retired judge of the Supreme Court of India with a direction to make a thorough inquiry in the first 6 (six) cases of alleged extrajudicial execution from over 1500 detailed in “Compilation-I” filed by the Writ Petitioner, with a further direction to the Commission to record a finding regarding the past antecedents of the victims and circumstances under which they were killed. The SC also further directed the Commission to report regarding the functioning of the State Police and the Security Forces in the State of Manipur; and, in the case the Commission finds that the actions of the State Police and/or Security Forces transgressed legal bounds, the Commission should make its recommendations for keeping the state police and security forces within the legal bounds without compromising the fight against insurgency. The SC also stated in its order that the Commission should address the larger question of the role of the police and the security forces in Manipur.

The Commission, after having several sittings including public sittings at Imphal, Manipur, and having received many written submissions, documents, affidavits including personal appearances by witnesses for the petitioners and the respondents (Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Assam Rifles, Home Department of Manipur, Manipur Police) submitted its report on 30 March 2013.

The report was finally made available to the petitioners only in July.