in Manipur and the United Nations

Development Rights

Working with victims of displacement and state violence associated with state infrastructure development projects, CSCHR members document particular cases and related issues, prepare reports and briefing papers for advocacy, awareness building and lobbying at international and national bodies and mechanisms. Particular focus of action relate to indigenous and tribal peoples’ rights. The pre-eminence of the “development paradigm” within the context of globalisation and neo-liberal policies result in distressing adverse consequences for indigenous communities in Manipur. Recent cases include the Mapithel Dam project, expansion of Imphal Airport, implementation of the Imphal Capitol Project, oil exploration and the proposed Tipaimukh High Dam project. CSCHR members support the campaign for justice pursued by the victims of the Loktak Hydro-electric Project (LHEP), which was commissioned in the early 80s. The Loktak Lake fishing community has been yet again threatened by denial of traditional user rights and displacement by the Loktak Development Authority, which has taken over the lake’s control, administration and management in recent years.


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