in Manipur and the United Nations

Media Reports

The national weekly Tehelka published a report that has become a landmark in Manipur’s history of “fake encounters” more correctly termed extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. Manipur’s people have long been eye-witness to this most heinous of cowardly crimes committed by its law enforcement officers – pre-meditated murder. Murder in plain sight, a report on fake encounters in Tehelka Magazine, Vol 6, Issue 31, Dated August 08, 2009, contains a series of chilling photographs taken by a local photographer who happened to be in the spot when a young 27-year old, unarmed citizen of India – Mr. Chungkham Sanjit – was murdered one morning in broad daylight ‘in the heart of Imphal’, hardly 500 yards away from the Manipur State Legislative Assembly in session, by a heavily armed detachment from Manipur’s Rapid Action Police Force, commonly known as the Manipur Police Commandos (CDO).

AUG 17, 2009/At a protest in New Delhi against fake encounters and state terrorism in Manipur. (AP PHOTO/MUSTAFA QURAISHI)

Some of CSCHR’s key constituent members were deeply involved in support activities to the wide public protests following what became known as the July 23 incident. The Tehelka report is linked to our Blog as a seminal visual testimony of the ‘grotesque lattice’ of life in Manipur.

Murder in plain sight


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