in Manipur and the United Nations


Indigenous Meetei fisher-women on canoes pulling in their net on the Loktak

Constituent members of CSCHR have been documenting and supporting the struggle for justice and rights of the indigenous fishing communities who live on and around the Loktak Lake region since the 90s. Since the Loktak Hydro-electric Power project of the National Hydro-electric Power Corporation Ltd. (NHPC), was commissioned in 1984, thousands on people have been displaced and deprived of their cultivable lands without fair compensation or a rehabilitation and resettlement programme. Many civilians, including children,women and the elderly, living on the Loktak were severely tortured and subjected to violence during counter-insurgency operations conducted by the Indian armed forces during 2005-2006 (Operation Loktak in 2005, Operation Tornado in 2005, Operation Dragnet in 2006 and Operation Summer Storm in 2009). Issues, backed by documentation, relating to these human rights violations and destruction of the natural heritage of the Loktak have been raised by CSCHR members to various mechanisms and bodies of the United Nations.


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